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Advisory Solutions

Miller Wealth Advisors strives to offer robust wealth solutions to accommodate each client’s asset management needs based on investment philosophy, overall financial picture, and risk tolerance. Whether the preferred management style is active security selection or strategic indexing, Miller Wealth Advisors has the tools in place to establish investment portfolios unique to each client’s situation.

TOPS® The Optimized Portfolio System

Since its inception in 2002, TOPS® has grown into one of the top five largest ETF programs in the country. The core value proposition of the program is to provide strategic, globally diversified portfolios that seek to be tax efficient, transparent, liquid, and low-cost. In order to deliver on that value proposition, we have partnered with the Portfolio Management Team at Valmark Advisers to adopt an investment philosophy of strategic indexing, which combines active asset allocation with exchange traded funds (ETFs).

TOPS® CORE offers essential strategic asset allocation available in seven risk-based models ranging from conservative to aggressive based on client’s goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon.

TOPS® features a more robust and diversified strategic asset allocation than TOPS® Core, while maintaining the same seven risk-based models.

TOPS® CUSTOM provides access to the robust TOPS® models, but also utilizes various bond managers for high net worth clients to achieve the favorable tax treatment of individual municipal bonds and flexibility for other securities.

Valmark ACCESS™ Programs

VALMARK’S ACCESS™ PROGRAM FEATURES alternative solutions ranging from open architecture to preselected mutual fund allocations. The various programs are described below.

ACCESS™ is an open architecture advisory solution that allows us to build custom models that are principally approved by Valmark’s Portfolio Management Team. These portfolios are typically required to have a minimum of at least four asset classes and are generally comprised of at least 70% mutual funds.

ACCESS™ PLUS is a mutual fund-based advisory solution that allows access to seven risk-based asset allocation models with risk profiles ranging from conservative to aggressive that may be selected based on a client’s goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon. The portfolios are managed by Valmark’s Portfolio Management Team.

ACCESS™ PLUS SELECT portfolios are comprised of the same seven asset allocation models ranging from conservative to aggressive; however, instead of mutual funds, a third party money manager is selected from Schwab Institutional Managed Account Select® Program to manage each asset class.