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Brokerage Solutions

Miller Wealth Advisors is able to provide brokerage solutions to its clients through Pershing LLC. We can offer mutual funds from over 100 different fund families, as well as hold individual stocks and bonds in a brokerage account for our clients.


A mutual fund is an investment designed to pool the assets of many investors, to achieve a common purpose. The money raised is then invested in accordance with pre-defined goals and investment objectives. Mutual funds provide professional management, diversification and convenience for investors.


When you own a stock you own a “share” of a business corporation. Common stock is the most prevalent form of stock. Investors typically buy and hold stocks for long-term capital growth. Sometimes clients purchase stock in companies with a history of paying regular dividends as a way of generating additional income. Preferred stock is a hybrid since it mixes characteristics of both common stock and bonds.


A bond represents a loan, typically to either a government entity or corporation. Investors who own bonds receive periodic interest-only payments until the bond matures or it is sold. If an investor buys a bond and holds it until maturity the issuer is obligated to repay the full face amount. If it is sold before it matures, however, the investor may receive more or less than what was originally paid. Bond prices can move up or down, usually in response to changing interest rates.